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    17 Times Charlie From "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Was Relatable AF

    The best rat-bashing, illiterate character ever created.

    1. When he was every person who's ever looked for employment:

    2. When he made a small mistake on a first date:

    3. When he was all of us ignoring our weaknesses:

    4. When he owned up to his faults:

    5. When he didn't quite get nature:

    6. When he revealed his iconic hobby:

    7. When he created this short-and-sweet self advertisement that's both honest and charming:

    8. When he was dealing with some stuff:

    9. When he may have overestimated how photogenic he is:

    10. When he worked in the mail room and got a little... distracted:

    11. When he penned a musical masterpiece:

    12. When he was extremely innovative:

    13. When he proved he has musical talent:

    14. When he was an inventor, too:

    15. When he did get one point for this answer:

    16. When he asked the important first date questions:

    17. And when it wasn't even his birthday:

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