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4 Halloween Parties That Will Make You Wish You Lived In Europe

If you think North America holds the monopoly on Halloween, think again! These 4 spooky events are going to make you want to hop on your broomstick and fly to Europe this fall.

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Derry Carnival - A Record-Breaking Halloween Spectacular.

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A USA Today readers' poll voted this 'Europe's best Halloween destination' in 2015. Since then it's gotten even bigger, with a record breaking 30,000 taking part in the 2016 finale and rumours of more for 2017. The week-long event ends in a fireworks spectacular on the 31st.

Party With Your Favorite Villains - Halloween At Disneyland Paris

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If you're more of a Maleficent than a Sleeping Beauty (Seriously? Wait around for some guy to come rescue me? I've got a life you know) then you need to visit Disneyland Paris at Halloween. It's all the fun of regular Disney but with added spooky! There's a parade, a special musical performance and you can meet all your favorite bad guys.

If anyone needs me I'll be chilling with Mother Gothel.

Get Spooked! - Crazy Costume Parties In Amsterdam

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The guys at Amsterdam Spook basically love to dress up and they're so good at it that their Halloween parties have turned into a full-on festival. Costume and SFX obsessives from around Europe turn up to party the night away in spooky style. Uhh, I'm going to go ahead and say you *don't* want to bring your kids!

Shockholm - Scandinavia's Biggest Halloween Parade

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Stockholm isn't just about ABBA and putrid fish, you know? This gigantic Halloween festival invites visitors to join in and parade through the historic Old Town. Watch out though, there's all kinds of spooky folk waiting in the shadows to give you a fright.

Oh and if you still don't think Scandinavians know how to do Halloween...they also made the world's biggest Jack-O'-Lantern.

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