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    How To Wear High Heels Without Killing Your Feet

    Wear the heel — don't let it wear you.

    Educate yourself on the different types of heels.

    Check out this handy infographic on protecting your feet.

    Know the essential types of heels out there.

    If you're a newbie, try ones with lower heels or straps.

    Try on new shoes toward the end of the night.

    Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook suggests this heel-elevation test to see if a shoe is right for you.

    How to walk in high heels:

    Walking in high heels takes practice.

    Tip: If the shoe isn't comfortable when you try it on, it's not going to be comfortable hours later.

    Do your research on different types of insoles and padding products.

    Carry Band-Aids in your purse for any future mishaps.

    Character (dance) heels are a comfy alternative.

    Or try vintage-inspired T-strap heels.

    Also, NEWSFLASH! These shoes with detachable heels exist.

    Foldable flats are the BEST thing ever invented.

    Treat yourself to a pedicure, if you're wearing open-toed shoes.

    Remember to pamper your feet after a long day.

    Slippery soles? Go to a shoe cobbler and get rubber attached to the bottom.

    New shoes? Wear them at least once before a special event.

    Tight shoes? You can use ice to stretch leather shoes that are too tight.

    Foot pain? Try these exercises to alleviate some of that pressure.

    May your feet never bleed or blister, your heels always look pretty and feel comfy.