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18 Wedding Invitations That Will Make Your Inner Nerd Insanely Happy

Feature your fave fandom on your special day.

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1. This beautiful Star Wars invitation with an interactive envelope:

2. This foldout Harry Potter invitation inspired by the Marauders Map:

onelittlem / Etsy / Via

3. This Adventure Time illustration with the couple drawn as Finn and Princess Bubblegum:

lottiedoowop / Via

4. This old school Zelda invitation:

Art Nerd For Hire / Etsy / Via

5. This incredibly sweet 3D Pokemon card:

Fresh4u / Via

6. These Game of Thrones House Stark invitations are great for winter weddings:

Nimbi Design / Via

7. This TARDIS design that will make you want a Dr. Who wedding:

SeryndipityDesigns / Etsy / Via

8. This superhero set:

Nimbi Design / Via

9. This rad robot invitation:

Dawn Jasper / Minted / Via

Bonus points if you can spot the Toy Story reference.

10. This zombie apocalypse invitation for your Walking Dead-inspired soiree.

SBVintageAndDesign / Etsy / Via

11. These retro NES cartridge invitations:

72 Pins / Via

12. This dragon themed Daenerys + Drogo set:

13. This invitation is perfect for Portal fans.

omgajawa / Via

14. This whimsical Star Wars card:

Paperling / Etsy / Via

15. This Nightmare Before Christmas ode:

Geekandart / Etsy / Via

16. This Disney invitation for your fairytale wedding:

PandoraBridalPaper / Etsy / Via

17. This one for science nerds everywhere:

Mandy Rider / Minted / Via

18. And this retro-inspired version that Pac Man would definitely approve of:

BangBoomPowDesign / Etsy / Via

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