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Satisfy Your Star Wars Addiction By Drooling Over Queen Amidala's Costumes

Let's peek into the closet of the most fashionable queen in the galaxy.

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Some Star Wars fans despise the prequels BUT these movies gave us...


The young queen of Naboo, a beautiful city with picturesque landscapes and architecture. Her iconic costumes are instantly recognizable.

Naboo royalty is known for their striking makeup.

Lucasfilm / Via

"Her white painted face had stylized beauty marks on her cheeks to display symmetry, and the paint that divided her lower lip was called the "scar of remembrance", which marked Naboo's time of suffering before the Great Time of Peace." (Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary)


The throne room outfit is the most famous costume from the prequels. It's also the first time we meet Queen Amidala.

This dress cost the costume department $60,000 and took 8 weeks to complete. The lanterns on her dress actually light up!

This gown was actually never worn by Amidala. It was worn by her decoy and handmaiden, Sabé.

Lucasfilm / Via

The spiderweb overlay idea was sparked when the concept artist, Iain McCaig scribbled in frustration while he was trying to design this dress. You can also find the Naboo symbol repeated on the bottom, near the hem.


The pre-Senate gown Amidala wears is strongly influenced by the Japanese kimono.

Notice the presence of the obi belt and neckline. The sleeves are greatly exaggerated and not typical of kimonos.

Queen Apailana's funeral gown pays homage to this design.

Queen Amidala wore an extravagant gown during her Senate appearance.

It consisted of three layers, mixing taffeta and silk fabrics harmoniously. The headdress was made from copper, with gold plating and dainty jewels. Imagine how heavy this robe and headdress would be!


Here Sabé is playing her role as the decoy queen again, for the meeting with the Gungans.

Though deceptively simple in design, this outfit took over a month to create. The detailing on the shoulder is handsewn.


The use of costumes in the prequels adds another layer of depth to the Star Wars story.

The richness of the fabric texture and colors creates a sense of history. Most people miss the tiny details of the costumes but upon closer inspection, you can see how much thought was put into every accessory and individual stitch.

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