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    21 Eye Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Make You Envious

    Prepare for next level makeup skills.

    1. This storybook tower Rapunzel scene.

    2. This tale as old as time.

    3. These rainbow doodles from this creative soul.

    4. This wolf in grandma's clothing scene.

    5. These epic Sleeping Beauty scenes.

    6. This underwater scene with our favorite little mermaid.

    7. This waiting for true love's kiss scene.

    8. This fiery dragon flying over a castle.

    9. This kissing scene from Princess and the Frog.

    10. These beautifully shaded landscapes from Brave.

    11. This insomniac princess from Princess and the Pea.

    12. This iconic Tangled river lantern scene.

    13. This Ugly Duckling parade.

    14. This magical sky where Peter Pan flew off to Neverland.

    15. This springlike floral array.

    16. This cloud of flying bats for a Batman inspired look.

    17. These Alice in Wonderland scenes with miniature details.

    18. This midnight Cinderella scene with her signature blue frock.

    19. This twinkling carriage scene from Cinderella.

    20. This hauntingly romantic Nightmare Before Christmas scene.

    21. This multi-layered Wonderland painting with a Cheshire Cat cameo.

    These are absolute perfection! And here we are, praying to the makeup gods that our liner is even.