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    23 Incredible "League Of Legends" Cosplay Costumes

    Loads of talent on Summoner's Rift.

    League of Legends is a multi-player computer game developed by Riot Games.

    Here's a sampling of their concept and character art.

    It has spawned a community of dedicated (and talented) fans who dress up and create costumes from scratch.

    1. Ashe, the frost archer hailing from Freljord.

    2. Diana, scorn of the moon.

    3. Leona, radiant dawn and member of the Solari.

    4. Poppy, the iron ambassador from Bandle City.

    5. Annie, the dark child with her bear named Tibbers.

    6. Morgana, fallen angel with revenge in her heart.

    7. Karma, the enlightened one who is the soul of Ionia.

    8. Sivir & Rengar, the battle mistress and pridestalker.

    9. Vayne, the night hunter from a privileged Demacian family.

    10. Sona, the silent maven of the strings.

    11. Janna, the storm's fury and sorceress.

    12. Vi, the Piltover enforcer with signature hextech gauntlets.

    13. Lulu, the fae sorceress who left Bandle City for the Glade.

    14. Darius, the hand of Noxus.

    15. Katarina, the sinister blade with an intense killer instinct.

    16. Nidalee, the bestial huntress.

    17. Malzahar, the prophet of the Void.

    18. Jax, grandmaster at arms.

    19. Riven, the exile wielding the runic blade.

    20. Gnar, the missing link with rage issues.

    21. Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter from Bilgewater.

    22. Elise, the cunning spider queen.

    23. And Tryndamere, the barbarian king.

    Everyone is SO talented and amazing!