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This Is What Happens When You Use 50 Bath Bombs At Once

Only one ~sex bomb~ used though.

Bath bombs are a favorite among bath time aficionados. The colorful spheres dissolve and leave you with fragrant water for a pleasant bath.

And The Creatures are a group of YouTubers who create original video content.

The Creatures had one question...

The idea came out of their weekly podcast, Creature Talk.

This was their plan:


The employees at the Colorado Lush store where they bought the bath bombs were a little overwhelmed.

When the employees asked what they were going to do with them, James said, "I just said we're having a cookout and we're just gonna throw all of them into the pool."

One fan made a list of the bath bombs used in the video.

They spent several hours filling up the tub...

They started off with one bath bomb to test the waters.

Then they started throwing them in a couple at a time...

And eventually, they just dumped them in batches.

"Going in, we had no idea what was going to happen," Joe said.

Second batch coming in!

Who else thinks this water looks like your milk after a bowl of Lucky Charms?

It was time for the Sex Bomb to go in (sandwiched by two Granny Takes a Dip bombs).

Let it all sink in now!

The bath bombs leave trails of color in the water...

And when the top layer was cleared away, the water was super sparkly.

This is the end result of 50 bath bombs.

This is the final color of the base water.


Here is the full video for your viewing pleasure.

View this video on YouTube

youtube.com / Via youtube.com

Lush Cosmetics tweeted that it gave them "a good giggle."

The group said they'd like to do more videos like this in the future.