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What Member Of OBS Is Your Soulmate?

Get ready to meet your match.

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  1. What's the first thing you order when you go out?

    The same thing I always get!
    Vegetarian option please
    Do you serve tea?
    Anything alcoholic
    Ask the waiter for a personalized meal
  2. What's your pet peeve?

    Too many to list
    Slow walkers
    Bad grammar
    Animal Cruelty
    I'm too chill to have one
  3. What do people think when they first meet you?

    Won't stop laughing
    Proper English manners
    Woah she's intimidating!!
    I want to be her friend
    Dramatic facial expressions
  4. Favourite outdoor activity

    Playing with my snake friends
    Hiking with friends
    Sitting.... inside
    Canoeing in the great outdoors
    Sailing the seas
  5. How do you study for exams?

    Wear my lucky socks
    Stress and prepare for weeks in advance
    Start studying day of
    Too busy travelling to worry about exams
    Work hard and try your best :)
  6. What describes you in two words?

    Loving, Accepting
    Adventurous, Carefree
    Driven, Sassy
    Blunt, Helpful
    Loyal, Perceptive
  7. What's your worst quality while playing a board game

    Overly competitive
    Helping the wrong team
    Don't care about this game lol
    Constantly needs rule clarification
  8. What's your go-to Starbucks drink?

    Caramel Macchiato
    Lactose-free hot chocolate with whipped cream
    Black coffee
    Anything on the rocks (iced)
    Matcha latte with coconut milk hehehehe sorry
  9. What's your role in your friend group?

  10. What are your future aspirations?

    Save the World
    Housewife and MILF
    Travel the world (and own a bookstore)
    Business Lady
    Rule the World

What Member Of OBS Is Your Soulmate?

You got: Cathy J

Congrats! You're so versatile you can be the responsible mom one minute, and the next you're passed out on the floor. Fun, flirty and factual (you'll pull out google to prove you're right)

Cathy J
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You got: D.D. Lin

Congrats! You're one of the top 5 nicest people in the world. You get flustered easily and hate confrontation. Your giggly personality amplifies once you have had even a sip of your first beer. You love everyone and everyone loves you.

D.D. Lin
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You got: Anji

Congrats! High heels, higher expectations. You're hard working and put together and unafraid to tell people what you think. You're a bit of a hypochondriac but as long as you have your thermometer on hand (even at the bar) you're good to go.

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You got: Mimi Hash

Congrats! You are never wrong (at least you think so...). A talented driver, cat lady, artiste, and cougar. Will only talk to someone if you get good vibes; otherwise you're out of luck. But under your hard exterior you are as sweet as a churro.

Mimi Hash
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You got: Janer

Congrats! You've made it OUT of your hometown and you are not looking back. You make friends everywhere you go, because you are a FUN time. Boys are captured by your dime face and hot bod.

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