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    21 Pictures Of Dachshunds That You Need To Look At Right Now

    Cute little furry wienie, all of 'em.

    1. First, look at this tiny baby dachshund who basically just got borned:

    2. Now look at this very sleepy wienie:

    3. This pup is getting the royal treatment that all good boys deserve:

    4. And these twinsies are just about breaking our hearts with their big-eyed beauty:

    5. This lil student is readier for dog school than any of us will ever be:

    6. Meanwhile, this summer flower child is soaking up the ~dog days~ for as long as they can:

    7. Now this is the kind of cuddly co-worker we should all have:

    8. And this little trouble-maker can't even get in trouble if they tried, probably:

    9. This lil guy is clearly perfecting the art of a good long snoozle:

    10. Meanwhile, none of us will ever be as photogenic as this glossy golden pooch:

    11. This mini's hideaway is almost **too** perfect sized for her:

    12. And you haven't seen sad puppy eyes until you've seen these, my friends:

    13. But we would also like to point out that sarcastic puppy eyes should be a thing.

    14. Look at this bb pup go on her bb little legs!

    15. And look at these BFFs, just living their best ~sun's out tongues out~ lives:

    16. You know, Toy Story was cute, but it can barely compete with this:

    17. Meanwhile, this is the kind of beach bummin' we're going to miss when summer's over.

    18. Here's an adorable dachshund with her stone fren:

    19. And here's a very studious-looking furball who promises to NOT eat your homework:

    20. The entire world needs more dachshunds in kimonos, IMHO.

    21. And in general, just more dachshund puppy piles, please.

    This post was translated from Japanese.