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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Air Fryer

The air fryer manufacturing market is impressively diverse these days, making it hard for us to find and choose what we need. Air fryers are well-known for their speed, capacity, and no-oil frying option. Healthy eaters and people trying to shed pounds swear by this machine, yet there are some complaints about the air fryer performance. There’s no doubt that your air fryer will serve a plenty of purposes in your kitchen, but be sure to consider the following things before you buy it.

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1. Capacity

Design catches the eye, but it’s more critical to check the capacity of the machine first. When it comes to air fryers, they require 800 to 2,100 watts of power. You don’t have to buy the one with the highest level of capacity, but if you want the machine that’ll cook a quality food, choose the one with around 1500 watts. Ensure your kitchen outlet supports this type of wattage, though.

2. Types of air fryers

There are three types of air fryers available on the market today. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that will meet your cooking needs:

•Halogen Air Fryers: One of the most popular types of air fryers, the halogen air fryer, often called, the halogen oven, uses a halogen bulb instead of normal heating coils to cook meals. It features the bright light and a transparent glass cover that lets you watch the whole cooking process without opening the lid.

•Dynamic Air Fryers: This model features a rotating paddle that stirs the food and uses the hot air to cook the meal. Dynamic air fryers tend to be cheaper than halogen ovens.

•Static Air Fryers: In this air fryer, the air circulates all around the food while it stays static. This type is less popular yet it provides the great cooking results with little to no oil at all.

3. Size and design

Are you buying an air fryer for cooking for yourself or your family? Most air fryers cook between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds of ingredients at a time. The price highly depends on this factor, so if you don’t need a lot of food to cook, choose a small-sized air fryer. Even the air fryers with the smallest food cooking capacity may look bulky, especially for small kitchens. Choosing a compact and sleek design is the best option. But again, make sure the capacity and design coincide.

4. Control system

The beautiful display of control system doesn’t indicate that an air fryer is versatile. Read the features and see how the machine manages timing and temperature and which extra features it has to offer. Particularly, the provision of additional parts and countdown timer are two useful settings to watch out for. The best air fryers have a full range control system that’s easy to understand and use.

5. Alerting feature

Almost all modern kitchen appliances feature the alerting option, yet there are still those that don’t. The same goes for air fryers. If you want to be reminded of when your meal is done, don’t forget to check out if your chosen model has the alerting feature.

6. Warranty

The warranty period often defines how long your machine will serve you. Sure, it doesn’t mean an air fryer with a 2-year warranty will serve you 2 years. It depends on how carefully and correctly you use. Many frugal air fryer users have reported that they’ve been using the cheapest models with 1 to 3-year warranties for up to 6 years.

Warranty isn’t an indicator of durability but at least tiny guarantee that you’re investing in a quality machine. Try to stay away from the models that don’t have warranties at all. Moreover, when choosing the warranty service unit, try to pick the nearest to you.

7. Price

Finally, I recommend buying an air fryer at a moderate price. The cheap models can break fast while the expensive ones can drain your budget. If you can afford to splurge though, purchase a pricey air fryer that doesn’t require oil to cook and features additional accessories to ease your cooking.

Buying the best air fryer tricky, but if you think twice before swiping your card, you can find the best model worth its price tag.

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