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    Top 10 Old Taylor Swift Songs That We Can't Wait To Get Re-Recorded

    Ooh, are you ready for it? (Hint: WE ARE READY FOR IT!) --This is an assignment for Trinity RHET 125 Class.--

    1. Tim McGraw

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    This deep-cut from her self-titled album starts the list off strong. Tim McGraw is the first track of her debut album. The song pays homage to one of her idols before she became an idol herself to millions of fans. In tribute to Taylor’s kick-off song on her first album, Tim McGraw gets the top slot on the list.

    2. Picture To Burn

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    Next on the list is the second song from her first album. Picture To Burn is a trademark of the early Taylor Swift. Longtime fans remember this song as an early favorite, as many of us found ourselves connecting for the first time to her original country vibe. Over the years, Taylor has expressed her want to change the lyrics, often switching them up in live performances; this re-recording is a chance for her to change the lyrics and truly make it her own.

    3. Tear Drops On My Guitar

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    Rounding out the songs from her first album, Tear Drops On My Guitar is a classic Taylor Swift heartbreak tune. This song showcases the essential Taylor -- a girl and her guitar singing her way through the pain. Tear Drops is all that we came to love about a young Taylor Swift, and we cannot wait for her to reclaim it.

    4. Fifteen

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    Fifteen comes in at number four. This song has long been held dear to both Taylor and her fans since its debut. Swift illustrated her now-famous loyalty, writing for her high school best friend. We cannot wait to see what new spin Taylor will put on this classic.

    5. You Belong With Me

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    Fifth place belongs to the iconic song You Belong With Me. Also off the Fearless album, You Belong With Me is yet another charting song, having hit the Top 20 along with Love Story. This hopeful love song brought out the girl-next-door in all of us as we belted out the lyrics along with Swift. We cannot wait to sing this with her again!

    6. Mine

    Big Machine Records, LLC / Via YouTube/

    Coming next in the sixth slot is Mine. Yet another tale of heartbreak, this poignant song shows both a deeper pain and greater growth. In the time since its initial release, Taylor has endured plenty of both. For fans who have been along for the ride since the early years, we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us with a rerecording of this amazing song.

    7. Speak Now

    Big Machine Records, LLC. / Via YouTube/

    Sitting in the seventh spot is the title song Speak Now from Taylor’s third studio album. Not only is this song a beloved throwback, but the title and lyrics now hold a different and deeper meaning. Taylor’s rerecording mission is her chance to speak and rightfully reclaim ownership of her music. As Taylor says in this song, “You need to hear me out/ And they said speak now.”

    8. Mean

    Big Machine Records, LLC. / Via YouTube/

    Eighth on the list also comes from the Speak Now album, and another classic all Swifties know by heart. Mean gave power to every person who has ever been bullied, giving them confidence that they are and will be more than what their haters decree. Particularly in light of recent events, this song is a must-sing. We can only imagine the extra energy and sass Taylor will bring to a rerecording of Mean.

    9. All Too Well

    UMG (on behalf of Big Machine) / Via YouTube/

    Ringing in at number nine is All Too Well from the Red album. Her fourth studio album showed more growth and new colors from Swift. Although deceptively quiet at the start, All Too Well brings steadily building strength in instrumentals and powerful lyrics. This culminated in deeply emotional and powerful live performances. Taylor’s re-recording of this song will be the embodiment of the slow burn and ultimate power of her reclamation project.

    10. Shake It Off

    UMG (on behalf of Big Machine) / Via YouTube/

    Bringing it home at number ten is the first released song off of her fifth studio album, 1989. 1989 is a significant album for Taylor as its title honors her birth year, and the music reflects a turning point in her career. Shake It Off is the ultimate anthem for walking away from anyone who wrongs you, and dancing your way to your own happiness.

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