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10 Ways Cats Are Not As Lazy As People Think

Cats get a bad rap for being fluffy reptile wannabes that just want sit and lounge in the sun all day. Perhaps they grab a bite to eat and meet up at the local scratching post, but that's about all they do for some people. Especially to dog lovers, however us cat admirers can prove this is totally wrong.

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10. Do Away With Your Dishwasher

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Dishwashers are not environmentally friendly. They use way too much energy and water than is necessary. For just a few dishes, Oscar will be more than willing to help you out.

9. Get Your Laundry Done

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There are days when you look into your underwear and sock drawer and come to the realisation that you have to get some laundry done. Next time ask your cat to help you out.

8. Your Work Deadline Is Near

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So you got caught up with some other things. A party, shopping, getting coffee with friends, having a much needed nap. That's when it hits you that you totally forgot about those documents for your boss, which are due tomorrow morning. Have no fear, Socks is here to help.

7. Organization Is Key

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You got the big house move over and done with and now its time to unpack. *Sigh* Just relax, because Marmalade is here to get all your unpacking and putting away done for you!

6. Supervisor Of The Robot Vacuum

phampants / Via

Sure you can leave it up to your Roomba to do all the dirty work for you. However, how do you know that it's clearing away all your unwanted crumbs, dust and hair from your floors? Ladies and Gentlemen let us introduce you to Charlie, the first ever robot vacuum slave driver.

5. Escort Workers To Their Office

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The Japanese are innovative and way ahead of Western cultures. They even have Godzilla like cats guiding office workers to their place of work. How sweet is that? Forget guide dogs, guide cats are where it's at.

4. Cats Make Great Yoga Instructors

dribble / Via

Why waste hundreds of dollars on Yoga lessons when you can get them for free from your feline companion?

3. Cats Get It On At The Club

producthunt / Via

The next time you are out listening to some beats at your favorite music hotspot, take a close look at the DJ booth. The music industry and Jay Z have some fierce competition.

2. Cats Believe In Good Dental Care

cheezburger / Via

Can't make that trip to the dentist, but have an unbearable toothache? Don't worry, Kitty can take good care of you.

1. Cats Are Your Schwarzenegger

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook

You sometimes need that extra motivation to achieve that six pack. Whatever the case, we can't stop loving this adorable cat at work. Oh! And the guy is super hot too. Enjoy!

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