Fans Are Simultaneously Inspired And Enraged Over "LFG," The US Women's Soccer Doc

    "Ready as ever to smash the patriarchy."

    You may be familiar with the international champion US Women's Soccer Team, and their ongoing dispute with the US Soccer Federation over unequal pay compared to the Men's Team.

    The CNN documentary LFG was just released on HBO Max, and it dives into the dirty details behind the drama. The film is inspiring but also infuriating, and fans on the web are sharing their full spectrum of feels.

    A fan holds a giant cutout of Megan Rapinoe's face at the Shebelieves Cup


    I should have watched this before the gym tonight because I am both PUMPED UP AND FEELING RAGE. LFG!!! #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @carlafowler16


    Wanna be enraged and inspired simultaneously? Check out #LFGthemovie.

    Twitter: @_ry_a_n_n


    Watching #LFGthemovie made me tear up thinking about attending the USWNT ticker tape parade in NYC with my SI coworkers and the fight many of us began that summer to have our voices heard in the workplace. Highly recommended watch. Infuriating and moving.

    Twitter: @jessica_smetana


    i think i cried like three times during #LFGthemovie and not because i was sad but because it’s a realization that the people i look up to are icons and the fight they are fighting is for all of us.

    Twitter: @cp_forlifer


    Just finished #LFGthemovie and ready as ever to smash the patriarchy and fight for equality in women’s sports and beyond. #LFG

    Twitter: @EleanaGudema


    didn’t think i needed a video of becky sauerbrunn saying LFG until now #uswnt #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @evermorefc


    “Yeah, It’s a perfect day to kick ass, Becky”- @mPinoe I need someone to make a T-shirt of this please and thank you! @beckysauerbrunn #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @Lcs1321


    Catch me yelling “it’s a perfect day to kick ass, Becky” at every Thorns match from here on out #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @tinalope_


    pls the ft convo between @ChristenPress and @mPinoe in the #LFGtheMovie melts my heart. I love their friendship so much and you can see how deeply christen cares for pinoes well being. I love this and them

    Twitter: @AngelHannon


    Twitter: @mk_rupps


    Marcelle and I were glad to see this picture in last night’s @HBOMax and @CNNFilms documentary #LFGTheMovie, and we are proud to stand with the students at @BTVSchools and @USWNT in calling for #EqualPay in sports, regardless of gender.

    Twitter: @SenatorLeahy


    “While the U.S. women's team will face sky-high expectations in Tokyo, the U.S. men's team won't be there at all.” 🙄 #EqualPay #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @tay_lem


    USSF is so mad about #LFGthemovie they put out a SEVENTEEN tweet long thread and I’m LOLing. You do you boo, but y’all are still the fucking worst.

    Twitter: @RachTalksSoccer


    You could have just been in the movie, but you do you, it seems to be going well. #USWNT #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @marciedefeo


    Dear @ussoccer, do you like my sweater? I sewed it just for you 🥰 CC @USWNTPlayers cos, y’know, relevant to your interests #LFGthemovie #EqualPay

    Twitter: @genwilliams


    Me if I ever see Carlos Cordeiro on the street #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @ReelMcCoyTweets


    #LFGthemovie pay my girls what they deserve 👊🏼👊🏼

    Twitter: @ibegyourpart0n


    Twitter: @kchristine


    Anyone who calls themselves a sports fan should watch this incredible documentary, as it offers an intimate look into the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s ongoing battle for equal pay. Support women in sport, equal pay for equal work. #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @ItsMeYourAT


    I knew how #LFGthemovie was gonna end, I’ve followed it since the beginning, but it still broke my heart! Keep going. Keep fighting. #EqualPay

    Twitter: @TheJoyOfJoy_


    Dang, we need @mPinoe to run for office when she’s ready. @Layshiac too! #LFGthemovie

    Twitter: @SaraAlcid


    #LFGthemovie is required viewing. I have a lot of feelings and emotions about this movie. But lemme just say it was so well done. I’m so fired up. I love this team. I want this for them, for the kids after them, for the future. Equal pay. Now.

    Twitter: @HeyitsAllyssa


    #LFGthemovie is a must watch. #EqualPay

    Twitter: @emlyglsn

    Did you get riled up by LFG? Let us know in the comments!

    (And check out much of the US Women's Soccer Team reppin' hard during the Olympics in Tokyo.)