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    27 Fan Reactions To The Major Drama Surfacing In "Impeachment: American Crime Story"

    "Now say what now?"

    If you were a child of the '90s, the Clinton impeachment scandal prob opened your eyes to quite a few things...

    Fox / Via

    Hello, "sexual relations."

    There were a lot of details I wasn't aware of though, and Impeachment: American Crime Story sets out to shed some light on the whole affair.

    Side view of Beanie as Monica sitting on a couch holding a newspaper looking forward with concern
    Tina Thorpe / ©FX / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    More power to Monica!

    Episode 1 dropped last night, and people took to Twitter with their hot takes.

    Paulson as Tripp smiling and pointing a finger at Feldstein as Lewinsky
    Tina Thorpe / ©FX / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Let's venture into the peanut gallery, shall we? 

    Linda Tripp dominated this episode, and the Paulson stans were out in full force, naturally.


    Twitter: @simpforpaulson


    her expressions are chefs kiss, sarah paulson invented acting #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @spfanlana


    what is a sarah paulson character if not a smoker persevering #acsimpeachment

    Twitter: @sarahpaulsbean


    Sarah Paulson (aka Emmy Winner aka Queen of Always Understanding the Assignment aka my fav white woman) is on my tv two nights in a row. Linda Tripp on #ACSImpeachment and then TB Karen on #AHSDoubleFeature What a time to be alive.

    Twitter: @chancematoskah / Via FX Networks

    The other castmates are getting their due too!


    Beanie Feldstein is definitely getting awards this year #acsimpeachment

    Twitter: @Daviesallison1A


    #CobieSmulders as #AnnCoulter has me dead ☠️ #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @RealTonyHolly / Via FX Networks


    annaleigh ashford as paula jones. that’s the tweet. that is the word. and the word was so. yes. #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @juhneeuh


    They got the look down! #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @bkdudee__ / Via FX Networks

    Wild makeover, Annaleigh!


    Hell yes. @MargoMartindale is a total badass. Let's go. #ACSimpeachment

    Twitter: @T_MarshallJones

    She plays literary agent Lucianne Goldberg.

    We learned a lot about the bizarre series of events that had Linda Tripp breaking bad.


    When you go from the White House to a cubicle #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @Dina_Marie0221


    women supporting each other coming from Linda? #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @jjeonjoon


    Linda Tripp really blew up the spot and everyone’s livelihoods because she was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon where she received a 20k salary increase I jus- #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @DeeJaeDubbu


    Not Linda telling her coworker to mind her business. Girl. #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @JanetSnackson


    If only Monica would have just said hi and kept it pushing #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @RebelleDeja

    Recognizing that Paula Jones was the spark that started the fire escaped my child-brain at the time.


    #ACSImpeachment *Paula Jones telling the hotel story* The Lawyer:

    Twitter: @Jefro5


    Paula Jones husband was seeing dollar signs meanwhile she was being ripped apart #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @iamKakila


    Lol ole girl said she can draw it #ACSImpeachment 😩😂😂 LMBO

    Twitter: @heyyChriiss


    “It takes a dramatic turn.” 🍆 #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @the_blakenator

    I'm not alone in doing some course correction, and reflecting on this massive cultural event through the goggles of today's world.


    When I was younger I always thought Bill Clinton only sexually harassed Monica…Chileeeeee I was wrong lol #ACSImpeachment #ImpeachmentACS

    Twitter: @bswithchris


    The fact that they let Bill Clinton get away with doing this to multiple women. Yet Monica Lewinsky got all the blame even now. #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @chrisloves93


    Britney Spears might be released from her conservatorship, and people are finally taking Monica Lewinsky seriously. It’s a good day for demonized women of the ‘90s. #FreeBritney #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @gpirnia


    Monica Lewinsky acting as a consultant on this movie where the late Linda Tripp is basically shown to be a vile backstabber with no redeeming qualities whatsoever seems like some sort of glorious karmic retribution and/or retaliation…and I’m here for it all #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @meralee727


    There are no heroes in this story. #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @TVsBlackFriend


    I just know Hillary is gonna be looking at Bill every Tuesday night like #ACSImpeachment

    Twitter: @Kissesfromdes

    I'm curious how the series will unfold...and am strapping in for this time machine to the '90s!


    Watching #ACSImpeachment, I love the little details in set designs that really bring the time period alive.

    Twitter: @monalisaney81


    slimfast had the late 90s in a mean chokehold #acsimpeachment

    Twitter: @_BriaPlease


    Twitter: @sagevalentine



    I just saw a tweet complaining about spoilers for #ACSImpeachment. Incredible.

    Twitter: @itsmeglinehan


    Tune into Impeachment: ACS Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX (next day on Hulu). Did you watch? Let us know your feelings in the comments!

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