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    Celebrating Season 2 Of "The L Word: Generation Q" By Scrollin' Through The Cast's Best Instagram Moments

    Shane and Alice and Sophie and Finley.

    Season 2 of The L Word: Generation Q has premiered! And it's ~already~ a roller-coaster ride.

    I'll start with the OGs. First up, the inimitable Kate Moennig, who plays Shane McCutcheon.

    She can handle hardcore tools...

    ...while also being sensitive enough to support Donna Martin (of Beverly Hills, 90210, for the uninitiated) and her controversial high school graduation! If ya know, ya know.

    Next up is Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice Pieszecki — an Ellen type, but not as brutal.

    She also has strong delfie prowess...pictured here with her dearly departed fluffer, Zoo.

    She also created a T-shirt line with Vintage Gay, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the ACLU's LGBTQ Rights Project.

    And of course there's Jennifer Beals, as total boss Bette Porter.

    "Someone just discovered the Studio Light function on their phone."

    Part of the new generation, Rosanny Zayas plays the family-first, love-conflicted Sophie Suarez.

    Here she is during her 2017 Shakespeare in the Park gig in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    Counter the highbrow with, "Let's get drunk and eat tacos for Valentine's Day?? Who's with me."

    And we have the delightful Leo Sheng, who plays Micah Lee, a professor exploring life and love in LA.

    "Watching one day of Olympics and testing out my own abilities."

    Jacqueline Toboni plays Finley, a hapless yet bighearted and kinda messy lover.

    But this is pretty epic.

    As is her portrayal of the iconic Nicolas Cage character Cameron Poe from Con Air.

    Then we have Arienne Mandi, who plays Dani Núñez, a gal who longs to step out of her mogul dad's shadow.

    And making friends of all feathers.

    We also have Jamie Clayton, who plays Tess Van De Berg, a recovering addict with a heart of gold.

    BRB, packing my picnic basket.

    And let's get a drumroll for...Rosie O'Donnell! She plays Carrie, the new wife of Bette's ex.

    And here's a bonus item from Lena and Kate, who are BFFLs IRL and cohost a podcast together!

    Good thing we can catch all these lovely humans together on The L Word: Generation Q ; Season 2, Episode 2 airs Sunday on Showtime!

    Who's your fave from Generation Q? Let us know in the comments!