Aaron Pierre Is Winning Hearts In "The Underground Railroad," And These 19 Fan Reactions Show Why

    "Lordt Caesar."

    If you've gotten into the heart-wrenching journey depicted in The Underground Railroad series, you've definitely noticed a strong, compelling (and gorgeous) man named Caesar.

    Caesar in a work shirt holding up a lantern

    He's played by actor Aaron Pierre, who comes to us from across the pond in England, where he has an illustrious past both onscreen and in the theater (Shakespeare, even!).

    His is a face we'll definitely see more of coming up, and we want to celebrate this fresh talent with a roundup of Aaron Pierre love from across the web.

    🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Underground Railroad🚨


    I’m just 16 minutes into Ep 1 of #TheUndergroundRailroad and have giggled 🤭, awed, gasped 😲, winced😩, broken down 😢; and then arrive at this painful, beautiful scene bt Cora and Caesar who light up the screen, and I am so enthralled. Wow.

    Twitter: @Shelley514


    Lordt Caesar 😍 #TheUndergroundRailroad

    Twitter: @raemadness


    Watching #TheUndergroundRailroad with all these new Black faces. It must be a prerequisite for Black English/African actors to master American dialects. #AaronPierre and #ThusoMbedu are phenomenal. @PrimeVideo

    Twitter: @VegasJournalist


    Finished #TheUndergroundRailroad. Very well done but tough watch esp Ep 1 (scenes in other parts hard too) Couldn’t binge straight. Watched 1-2-break; 3-break. Then 4-10(tho’ 4-6 bit slow to me)Overall great. BTW, can we get Aaron Pierre & Rege-Jean Page in something together?!

    Twitter: @carmcjlee


    Every single character on that show is memorable, and served a significant purpose. Shout out to Aaron Pierre who plays ‘Caesar’, he’s about to get some serious offers. Shout out to ‘Homer’ too.

    Twitter: @anarchadium


    who is watching #TheUndergroundRailroad because where TF is Caesar

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    Caesar😭😭😭😭 #TheUndergroundRailroad

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    Lisssen! #TheUndergroundRailroad #AaronPierre https://t.co/1oCifviyqN

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    Aaron looks great indeed in that suit on #TheUndergroundRailroad 🔝🔝 #AaronPierre is Caesar 🎥 @PrimeVideoLat https://t.co/j5RUaY4Tik

    Twitter: @DVSToledo


    Casting #UndergroundRailroad it seems @BarryJenkins was at the exact same 2018 @The_Globe 🎭 production of #Othello as me - with @aaron_pierre1 and #SheilaAtim in the cast - and I was also lucky enough to see #AaronPierre in #KingHedleyII @stratfordeast in 2019 #theatre #talent

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    I just finished #TheUndergroundRailroad I can only say, is so overwhelmingly beautifully shoot, the colors, the spaces. The characters. It takes your hand and makes you suffer with this subjects that could actually be any of us. And yet it leaves you with a broken heart.

    Twitter: @PaticoPautt


    🌚The underground railroad #thusombedu #aaronpierre

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    @swrepmatters_ #AaronPierre as Kylo Ren. Thank you aaaaaand goodnight.

    Twitter: @910nikkimo

    You can catch Aaron in action on The Underground Railroad on Amazon Prime. If you're captivated by Caesar too, let us know in the comments!

    Caesar in a suit and bow-tie dancing with Cora in a fancy dress and satin gloves, outside underneath strings of lanterns