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20 Scrumptious Asian Inspired Cocktails To Ring In The New Year With

Take on a new adventure by broadening your drinking palette with these tropical twist on classic cocktails!

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Ingredients: vodka + lemongrass + lime leaf + ground chili

Be outrageously bold ending 2013 by trying this unconventional cocktail! Named after the traditional Thai soup, the Tom Yam cocktail compacts the spices of this popular soup delicacy into a delicious drink with a spicy kick!



Ingredients: Vodka + lemon juice + strawberries + raspberries + blueberries + mangoes

The perfect cocktail for a classy night out. With the blend of various flavors, this fruity delight will satisfy all your tarty and sweet desires.



Ingredients: Soju + sprite + Asian yogurt

A popular drink originating from Korea and now trending around Asia, this cocktail is sweet and tangy with a reputation of being easy to drink. Beware, you may get drunk before you know it!




Ingredients: Vodka + elderflower syrup + apple juice + lemon juice + cucumbers

This award winning signature cocktail made famous by Hong Kong bartender, Antonio Lai, is a must try! His use of sodium alginate creates miniature bubbles resembling cavier and thus, giving birth to the name of this cocktail!



Ingredients: Sake + vodka + green tea

Considering green tea is noted for being one of the healthiest beverages in the world, a green tea-ni can't be too bad if there's some antioxidant in it, right? Make a new resolution for 2014 to try more health conscious cocktails.



Ingredients: Rum + Campari* + lime juice + pineapple juice

The Jungle Bird cocktail is best taken shaken, not stirred. For those brave enough to take on this cocktail which originated from Kuala Lumpar, the Jungle Bird will keep you on your toes with its bitter yet savory taste.

*Campari is a mixture of herbs and fruits used to create a reddish colored liqueur with a bittersweet flavor.



Ingredients: Gin + cherry brandy + grenadine + pineapple juice + lemon juice

This prehistoric drink formerly called the gin sling, was known to be created in the early 1915s at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore for a couple of ladies in need of a drink a little less strong than whiskey. Thus, this sweet drink never fails to hit the spot for those who prefer to stray away from hard liquor.




Ingredients: Rum + ginger beer + dragon fruit + agave + lime juice

Unusually shaped and brightly colored, the exotic looks of the dragon fruit alone will have you wanting to try this cocktail! If that isn't enough to convince you to have a sip, the simple fact that dragon fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamins will definitely convince you otherwise!



Ingredients: Tsingtao Pure Draft beer + ginger beer + ginger

Though ginger is perceived to taste a little spicy and bitter, the mixture of beer will even out the bitter bite and create a smooth, savory result.



Ingredients: Vodka + lychee syrup + lemon juice

Why not explore new cultures this upcoming year through cocktails? Originating from Thailand, the Lancastria cocktail is specially garnished with a dash of the Thai version of cotton candy known as roti sai mai.




Ingredients: Rice vodka + rum + fresh mangoes + lemon juice + vanilla syrup

Named after a popular Thai dessert, the Mango Sticky Rice cocktail will fulfill all your mango sticky rice needs. Instead of waiting till the end of dinner to have your favorite dessert, why not sip on it throughout the meal? Delicious indeed!



Ingredients: Vodka + sake + coconut + fresh passion fruit + lychee juice

This tropically infused cocktail is currently served at one of the hippest and most happening Cantonese restaurant and night bar known as Hakkasan. Located in major cities including New York and Vegas, this blend will give you a new perspective on Asian fruits and cocktails!



Ingredients: Reposado tequila + Thai chili + yuzu + egg white

With the spicy flavors of the Thai chili mixed with the citrus-y tastes of the yuzu fruit, this cocktail will be a new twist on the classic tequila shot. Similar to its name, a couple of these shooters will literally be a night you won't remember.



Ingredients: Rum + soy milk + honey + spiced chai tea bags

Chai tea has become an infamous beverage whether cold or hot. The sweet flavors of soy milk and honey will be a powerful combination with the spiced rum and chai tea. This duo of sweet and spice can be sipped while celebrating new year at a family gathering.




Ingredients: Coconut rum + ginger beer + cilantro + limes

For those who hate cilantro, you may want to skip this one! But for all those who love its weird and interesting herbal taste, try this mixture of coconut, ginger, and cilantro. You may be surprised by how refreshing it can be for those celebrating the new year in the heat!



Ingredients: Gin + vodka + ginger syrup + lime + Thai tea + guava juice + star anise

Known to be the longest named cocktail in the world, Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop
Noppharat Ratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphiman
Awatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit*
or Krungthep for short, is a Thai inspired cocktail is made famous by the Qi Thai Grill in Brooklyn, NY. Reviews have raved about how this cocktail explores all sides of Thai food culture from spicy to fruity and sweet to sour, the name alone will be the determining factor for trying this drink!

*Translation: “The land of angels, the great city of immortality, various of divine gems.”



Ingredients: Sake + Bols Genever + kombu + lime juice + egg whites + cucumber

This fun and excitingly named cocktail is rich with kombu, a type of kelp widely eaten in East Asia. Garnished with seaweed-like flavors, this cocktail will definitely NOT taste like a shot of wheat grass. Be ambitious and set a new goal for the new year to try more healthy cocktails like this one!


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