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Which W217 Roomie Are You?

It's not easy, being a bitch.

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  1. It's 1am on a Thursday night, Where are you?

    In bed sleeping, you have an 8am!!
    Chugging some kind of hard liquor, at some frat
    Watching the Office
    On your way to some dorm room that isn't yours
  2. You're starving!! Where do you eat?

    Out to dinner with your significant other
    4th meal at Morgan
  3. Drink of Choice?

    Carmel Cappucino
    Cherry Coke
    Iced Coffee
    Diet Coke
  4. First thing you do when you wake up?

    Decide whether you're going to class or not
    Floss and do your make up
    Try to remember what happened last night
    Say "Rish get the fuck up"
  5. Favorite Song?

    Practice -Drake
    Lost -Chance the Rapper
    I Will Wait -Mumford & Sons
    The Latest -The 1975
  6. Go-To Shoes

    White High Top Converse
    Rainbow Flip Flops
    Black Nikes
  7. Type of Boy you're into?

    "My Daddy Can Sue You"
    Older and Successful
  8. What do you always carry?

    Cigarettes, Lighter... Not my key....
    Myself?? sometimes?
  9. High School Superlative!!!!

    Most likely to be on a reality TV show
    Worst Driver
    Best Dressed
    Most likely to be President
  10. Soundtrack to your life?

    Oops I Did it Again... -Britney Spears
    Pursuit of Happiness -Kid Cudi
    No Role Modelz -J. Cole
    Fly Over States -Jason Aldean
  11. Favorite Color

    Anything bright
    Rose Gold
    Light Blue
    Any color in the C1 VSCO filter
  12. Biggest Pet Peeve?

    When people won't turn down their music
    Food crumbs/Fake Ass Bitches
    When people don't send you pictures
    When people turn my music down

Which W217 Roomie Are You?

You got: Cassandra

You only talk about like 3 things ever and make a lot of noise when you come home at night. But you just came here to have a good time, and you're feeling so personally attacked.

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You got: Rish

We tried to get an interview from Rish but she's still recovering from last night so yeah. If you have more questions, you can find her at the stoop smoking a cig, slushie in hand.

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You got: Bri

You probably have your life together, and your significant other probably has their life together, so together you both have your lives together. Go Vote. Briana Vetter approves this message.

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You got: Sophia

You probably like meeting new people and you're always super positive about things. Especially flossing.

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