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how to cut glass (trade secrets)

tips and tricks to cutting glass and where to get the best supplies

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1. Stance

If you are able, stand up to cut glass. The movement of your body and your shoulder will give you better control over the cutter. Don't stand so close to the cutting table that you don't have room to move. Stand with your legs slightly apart so that you have good balance and are able to move your body as you are cutting the glass.

2. Direction

You can push or pull your glass cutter - it doesn't matter which way you do it. You may find some cuts easier to do one way and some the other. Get comfortable cutting glass in one direction first. When that way is second nature to you, learn how to cut it in the other direction.

3. Getting Comfortable

Find a way that is comfortable for you to hold your glass cutter. There are no rules for holding a cutter when you are cutting glass, there are only rules on how the cutter must set on the glass. The rules are:

-The cutter wheel must be absolutely perpendicular to the glass, it can not lean to the left or right, this includes going around curves; remember - only motorcycles lean into curves.

-You must be able to see the cutter wheel and the line you are cutting along, at all times.

4. Listen To Your Cut

Always maintain the same pressure, right to the very edge of the glass. If you let up on the pressure before the end of the cut, the glass will be difficult to break. You want to hear a static or zipper sound from beginning to end. Pressing too hard will only gouge the glass and cause problems such as: not breaking along the score line, damaging the cutter wheel, and giving you a sore hand and shoulder. It takes practice to learn just how hard to press on your cutter

Start cutting glass 1/16th inch from the edge, and continue cutting, slow and steady, until you roll over the other edge, trying not to jam the cutter into the table

6. Using Patterns

If you use pattern pieces and trace around them with a marking pen, always cut on the inside of the line. If you cut on the outside of the line, your cut piece of glass will grow in size and be too big for the pattern.

7. Choosing A What Size Of Glass To Cut

Always use a working piece when cutting glass for your project. Don't try to cut from the full sheet. If something goes wrong you'll end up ruining the full sheet of glass. A smaller piece is easier to handle and there isn't so much wastage.

8. Cutting Odd Shaped Glass

If you have an odd shape to cut, always cut from the narrowest end to the widest end.

Do the most difficult cut first. If it is a deep inside curve, you need the mass of glass around it to prevent it from fracturing.

Take out deep curves in a series of small cuts rather than one big one. This will prevent you from losing the corners or breaking the piece.


i have put togethere a list of supplies you will need to cut your glass successfully

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