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Which Real Housewife Are You?

Which resident of the Lagoon/Tomb are you?

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  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    The Green Warrior
    Anything, but I want to travel
    Saving the world
  2. Your friend is sick. What do you do?

    You're the sick one.
    Sleep on the couch in the lounge to not catch their germs
    Encourage them to go to Sibley because they're probably dying
    Watch your friends duke it out
  3. It's a Friday night at 11pm. Where are you?

    Asleep or Netflixing. Being social is a lot of work.
    Still getting ready.
    Sending snapchats documenting your night.
    At an event.
  4. What would your friends say is your worst characteristic?

    You always correct people
    You bail on plans
    You always have plans
    You're too lazy
    You send too many Snapchats
    You're messy
  5. Pick an adjective that describes you.

    A little rude
  6. What is your stance on succulents?

    They belong outside
    You love them, but you'll likely kill yours
    You're obsessed
  7. Is Africa a country?

    I'm an IR major and Africa is a continent
  8. How do you deal with stress?

    You're always a little stressed
    You pull a lot of all-nighters
    No one knows you're stressed
    You complain
  9. What's your drink of choice?

    Whatever you can find at the frat party
    Your famous mixers
    Hard cider
    Water (from your S'well)
  10. What is your spirit animal?


Which Real Housewife Are You?

You got: You're Amelia!

You're probably having an identity crisis, correcting someone, on the phone with your mom, or drowning in the homework you forgot you had to do. You constantly try to take care of everyone because you are an urban working mother of fifty-two, even if they don't value you *sniff.* You also spend a lot of time sleeping, avoiding confrontation, and shouting (you never realize how loud you're being).

You're Amelia!
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You got: You're Hannah!

You care about one thing and it is the nache (or nature! you sometimes like to sit). You're probably protesting something or complaining about the current carbon levels. No matter how many times you're told not to step in the lake, you'll always accidentally do it, in your avocado socks no less. You hate the patriarchy and drink white male tears for breakfast.

You're Hannah!
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You got: You're Carly!

Your roommate hasn't seen you in days and you're always running around, but you're *thriving.* You love Newport and goldens and Phi Mu and mac & cheese. You're bubbly, lovable, always down for a good time, and know every word to every 2000s pop song ever. You are probably at work, complaining about your hillternship, or dreaming about Paris.

You're Carly!
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You got: You're Sarah!

You're everyone's best friend and chronically busy. You listen to choral music in the shower, and are always dying, but somehow still do it all. No one knows the campus dogs better than you. You're probably talking about Wawa, the planet's political climate, Samoyeds, music, or tweeting "I'm SCREAMING."

You're Sarah!
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