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We Tried The “Moist Maker” Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich From “Friends” To Find Out If It’s As Good As Ross Says It Is

One thing is known for sure: Ross is the worst.

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If you're a Friends fan, then you probably know there's only one way to make a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich: with a "Moist Maker."


Apparently, Monica's creation is so delicious that, in the episode titled "The One With Ross's Sandwich," it causes Ross to enter a fit of rage when it's stolen from him at work. He's eventually ordered to take a leave of absence after he yells at his boss, who stole the sandwich.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

The ingredients of the recipe are never explicitly stated in the episode, so it's up to the sandwich-maker to decide which leftovers they want to devour. Here's what we included in the sandwich:

- 3 slices of bread

- Gravy

- Stuffing

- Turkey

- Cranberry sauce

- Mashed potatoes (optional)


After spreading the ingredients on the bread and adding the Moist Maker, which was soaked in gravy, our taste-testers were tasked with determining how delectable the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich actually is.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Nina's Rating: 3 Turkeys

"It’s really not bad. I actually don’t mind this ... I mean, this is a big sandwich. I would be pissed if somebody took both of these. This is a legit meal — you don’t need to eat anything else. If somebody took all of this from me, there would be hell to pay."

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Andy's Rating: 2 Turkeys

"Listen, I’m not going to say it’s bad, but I don’t think Ross needed to freak out about it … I bet if it was really warm and you had brand-new turkey, I bet it would be a three-and-a-half turkeys."

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Christian's Rating: Negative 5 Turkeys

"If anything, he should be happy someone stole this sandwich. I’m sorry. I love Thanksgiving, I love sandwiches, but I do not love them together … The Moist Maker is exactly how you'd expect it to be based on the name."

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Farrah's Rating: 4 Turkeys

"I don’t know how I feel about the middle layer of gravy and bread. I feel like if it was just gravy on top of the mashed potatoes, no more bread, it would be just as moist and delicious."

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Chrissy's Rating: 4 Turkeys

"The Moist Maker is redundant if you’re making a sandwich with moist things. Right? It would already become moist. I don’t know if you have to go out of your way to moist-make it, or whatever it's called. But it’s really good. It really is a true Thanksgiving dinner wrapped in a little bite."