We Tried The “Moist Maker” Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich From “Friends” To Find Out If It’s As Good As Ross Says It Is

    One thing is known for sure: Ross is the worst.

    If you're a Friends fan, then you probably know there's only one way to make a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich: with a "Moist Maker."

    However, although Ross claims that the sandwich is "amazing," a few of us at BuzzFeed wanted to know if the leftover meal is worth almost losing your job. So we tried it.

    The only must-have is the Moist Maker, obviously.

    After spreading the ingredients on the bread and adding the Moist Maker, which was soaked in gravy, our taste-testers were tasked with determining how delectable the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich actually is.

    Nina and Susan

    Andy and Christian

    Farrah and Chrissy

    In the end, only one thing was known for sure: Ross needed to chill out.