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Which "Harry Potter" Moments Infuriate You The Most?

Because, honestly, these characters do a lot of dumb shit.

As we all know, Harry Potter is a gift to this world that we will treasure always.

But, if you're an HP fan, then you've probably read the books and watched the movies many, many times, which means you definitely have more than a few moments that annoy you.

Like when Harry totally goes off on Hermione and Ron in the fifth book just because they didn't talk to him about Voldemort for the three-to-four weeks he was at the Dursley's.

Or in the fourth book when Cedric tells Harry a clue about the golden egg, and Harry's all like, "I can do this on my own because Cho chose Cedric over me and I'm going to be hot-headed and petty."

Oh man, and what about Ron literally leaving Harry and Hermione behind in the seventh book/movie?

And, honestly, don't even get me started on the most atrocious moment in Harry Potter history:

So gather round, everyone. We know you have ~infuriating~ moments that you need to talk about, and we want to hear them. Tell us which ones annoy you the most via the DropBox below, and make sure to say if the moment is from the book or the movie!

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!