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What's A Random Food Fact That Completely Blows Your Mind?

Because, honestly, food is legit crazy.

Have you ever heard a food fact that completely shook you to your core?

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Like how the USDA allows there to be as many as 30 fruit fly eggs in tomato ketchup?

Grafner / Getty Images

And what about the fact that Fruity Pebbles are literally just grains of white rice that have been flattened and then puffed back up (with coloring and flavoring)?

Or how cashews actually grow on their own individual cashew apple?

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And finally, how about the fact that different colored bell peppers aren't completely separate kinds of peppers...they're just at different stages of development?

Louisebrien / Getty Images

We want to know what food facts you know that totally blow your mind. Let us know in the Drop Box below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!