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    Posted on Aug 12, 2015

    13 Times Toby Ziegler From "The West Wing" Was You At Work

    "There is literally no one in the world that I don't hate right now."

    1. When you notice a co-worker on your way to work and you fail at pretending you didn't notice them:

    NBC / Via

    "Can you walk faster, please? I really don't like being outdoors this long."

    2. When your co-worker tries to show you pictures of their mom's cousin's niece on their weekend trip to the shore:

    NBC / Via

    "OK, that didn't seem to be about anything that interests me."

    3. When you get to work late and all of the good bagels are gone and the only thing left is a cinnamon raisin one:

    NBC / Via

    "There is literally no one in the world that I don't hate right now."

    4. When you try to read an email from literally anyone in your office:

    NBC / Via

    "Anytime you want to use punctuation, that would be fine."

    5. When a co-worker thinks you're in a bad mood so they inch a little closer until they've cocooned you in a suffocating hug that you can't get out of until you open up and tell them your feelings:

    NBC / Via

    "Why are you squeezing me with your body?"

    6. When you've had two beers for lunch at the Mexican restaurant around the corner and you're trying to play it cool:


    "I'm just guessing. I'm pretty drunk."

    7. When you and your work best-friend give each other that look that says, "Can you believe that Sarah is sleeping with Scott?" and then roll your eyes while secretly thinking that you would definitely sleep with Scott:

    8. When your boss suggests a bonding trip for everyone in the office and all you can picture is Drew talking about how good he was at flip cup in college:

    NBC / Via

    "This is my over-the-moon face."

    9. When you realize it's only 3 p.m. and you feel your hopes and dreams float out of your body:

    NBC / Via

    10. When it's only 3:05 p.m. and you know that if you don't have a snack you're going to collapse on the floor and stay there until someone tells you to get up:

    "We've run out of pie." "I need some pie."

    11. When you're trying to make one single photocopy and the machine jams and you know you can't go to the office manager again because she's going to tell everyone in the lunch room about how you can't figure out the printer:

    NBC / Via

    "I have hatred in my heart."

    12. When you've completely lost it and you know that the only thing that's stopping you from giving up is living in denial:

    13. When your boss tells you you've been doing a great job and you can leave early:

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