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    17 Times "Boy Meets World" Dragged Your Heart Through A Swamp Of Emotions

    I need a hug right about now, Mr. Feeny.

    1. When Eric so badly wants to adopt Tommy, but he can't.

    2. When Shawn breaks down in front of his dad.

    3. And then when the doctor tells the boys that Chet has passed away.

    4. When Eric is heartbroken when he gets rejected from yet another college.

    5. When Topanga leaves for Pittsburgh, but she finds her way back home.

    6. When Alan won't wish his son a happy birthday.

    7. When Shawn is lost and finds himself in a cult, and his true family is there for him.

    8. When Shawn says he never had any parents, and Alan and Amy tell him they can be that for him.

    9. When Amy and Alan don't know if their son is going to make it.

    10. When Topanga is broken by her parents' divorce.

    11. When Cory chooses to clean out the family's garage with Shawn and Topanga instead of his own brother.

    12. When Topanga feels uncomfortable and tells her professor to leave and he says, "That's not what you want."

    13. When Cory cheats on Topanga.

    14. When Angela struggles with her feelings for Shawn because she doesn't want to end up like her parents.

    15. When Mr. Turner is in a motorcycle accident, and Shawn is afraid he's going to lose him.

    16. When Eric reminds the group of the importance of true friends.

    17. And finally, when Mr. Feeny says goodbye.