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    This Is What The Night King From "Game Of Thrones" Looks Like IRL

    His eyes can see into my soul.

    Fact #1: The Night King is straight-up haunting.


    Like, his stare is so cutting that I'm convinced he can see me sitting on my couch through my TV screen.

    Fact #2: While watching last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, my roommate casually said, "The main White Walker isn't that ugly." And in the privacy of my mind, I said, "She's not wrong. He is better looking than most of the other guys."


    (Seriously, why is that one guy so fuzzy?)

    And, I mean, who doesn't love some piercing blue eyes?

    HBO, Mike Coppola / Getty Images, Jason Kempin, Noam Galai / Getty Images

    Anyway, thinking about the Night King made me wonder what he looks like IRL. So here's our icy leader next to the actor who currently plays him, Vladimir Furdik.


    (Of course, we've seen Furdik without his horns before. Once when he was turned into a White Walker and once in a Tower of Joy scene as a stuntman.)


    And here's what Season 4 and 5's Night King — who was played by another actor, Richard Brake — looks like.


    Basically, now you know what the Night King looks like IRL, and now you know that some people might be kind of into a powerful 12,000-year-old magical man made out of ice.

    And, hey, that's not so bad considering many fans stan an incestuous relationship between Jon and Dany.


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