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    This Is What Chad Is Actually Like On The Set Of "The Bachelorette"

    We spoke to someone who met Chad IRL to find out what he's really like.

    On tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, Jojo and the men go on a group date to a live storytelling series in Los Angeles called Sunday Night Sex Talks.

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    The show, which is hosted by writer, producer, and performer Jessie Rosen, is described as "The Moth meets HBO's Real Sex." (Basically, it sounds like the guys will be getting intimate and sharing sex stories.)

    We spoke to Rosen, who met the contestants prior to the end of filming and the start of the season, and she gave us the 411 on the super-villain of the season: Chad.


    Here's Rosen's impression of the Bachelorette guy of the season:

    1. He's a "foreboding" type of handsome.


    "Here's the...thing about Chad: I get it...He's very handsome. He's very attractive. If you stare long enough, he becomes a little foreboding, but he's real handsome...He made me so curious that, probably like [Jojo], I was like, I need to know more about this guy. So while I wasn't attracted to him in a "this guy is giving off an amazing vibe" [way], I was almost intrigued-attracted to him…I do think she hopefully will see what we've been able to see."

    2. He was a little too silent.

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    "I heard nothing [from Chad] and that made me tilt my head. This was a very interactive experience, and this guy was almost silent. And this was not a silent environment. I was, to be honest with you, almost a little creeped out. And because there was a participation element I was very nervous about what was going to happen when he participated. And I just kept thinking, maybe he won't do it. Maybe he'll refuse to do it."

    3. He was obviously the outsider of the group.

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    "The first time that I met the guys, they came into the show as a group. [Chad] was clearly apart from the group, and I kind of got the impression that maybe he was shy or there had been a tiff before he arrived. But there was clearly kind of some separate energy. I had all sorts of thoughts: Is he angry about this date? Does he not want to do this? The guys are a very energetic and cheery bunch, and he is clearly not."

    4. And he was clearly the enemy of the other contestants in the house.

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    "When [I was explaining the rules of the group date]… a few of them were kind of looking at Chad like, 'How are you going to handle this, bro?' So I think that there was some kind of egging him on in a way, like what we've seen in previous episodes. I think that it's my perception that there's a little bit of a pressure cooker going on and that the guys are kind of enjoying having a common enemy."

    5. But don't worry, it doesn't sound like he's completely fooling Jojo.

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    "When he was doing what he was doing, she was concerned, is about as much as I can say. At that point, I think everyone had a vibe that there was a potential negativity about this, about his participation. [Jojo] was not fooled at that point, is what my observation is from having been there."

    Oh, Chad.


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