The Season 2 "Umbrella Academy" Character Posters Are Here And Fans Have Theories

    I think we're alone now.

    Netflix clearly knows how hard it is for fans to wait for The Umbrella Academy to come back on July 31...

    So they've released official Season 2 posters via Twitter to keep us happy!!! Here are the character posters, which were posted in THIS order:

    Six / Ben:

    Four / Klaus:

    Three / Allison:

    One / Luther:

    Two / Diego:

    Seven / Vanya:

    And Five:

    We're not sure why Netflix released the photos in this specific order, but fans already have some guesses:

    @hcqreeves @UmbrellaAcad Might be the original promo picture counter clockwise since they're going back in time, imagine ghost Ben beside Klaus. Their standing in order of their numbers = 643-1275

    Excited for Season 2? What do you think is going to happen in it? Let us know in the comments!