23 Rory And Jess Moments From “Gilmore Girls” That Will Make Your Heart Explode

    The innocent sexual tension is all in the eyes.

    1. When they met for the first time and Rory's doe-eyed, earnest ways stopped Jess from sneaking out of the dinner party:

    2. When Jess pulled a book out of his back pocket and impressed Rory with notes in the margins:

    3. Which was followed by these telling and ~dreamy~ looks:

    4. When Jess listened to Rory and did something nice for Luke, and then they exchanged these knowing looks:

    5. When Rory realized (and totally loved) that Jess knocked out the competition so she could win:

    6. When Rory accidentally became the poster girl for censorship and Jess saved the day (again):

    7. When Jess bought Rory's basket and she said she was mad, but, let's be real, she wasn't:

    8. And then in the same episode when Rory called Jess because her Jess love was blossoming in her heart:

    9. When Jess protected Rory's smart head:

    10. When Jess couldn't study because he was too busy staring at Rory:

    11. When they shared this meaningful look after having a heart-to-heart about their dreams and aspirations:

    12. When Rory surprised Jess in New York:

    13. And they had a wonderful day of adventures followed by a sweet goodbye:


    15. When the word "good" was filled with so much sexual tension:

    16. When things were finally over with Dean, and they both said their feelings for each other out loud:

    17. When their second kiss was adorable and awkward:

    18. And when they made up for it with their third kiss:

    19. When Jess momentarily forgot about being cool and looked up the distance from Stars Hollow to Yale:

    I mean, COME ON.

    20. When Jess waited too long to tell Rory how much she means to him:

    21. When Jess fought for Rory when she couldn't fight for herself:

    22. When, from the bottom of his heart, he thanked Rory for always believing in him no matter what:

    23. And, finally, when Jess summed up the saga of Rory and Jess: