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    May 19, 2020

    Sandra Oh Recreated Her Iconic "Princess Diaries" Line And It's Perfect

    The best vice principal who ever existed.

    What we all know is that The Princess Diaries is, in fact, a flawless movie.


    What we also know is that Sandra Oh is a flawless human who is so talented it hurts.

    sandra oh's snl promo is probably the purest, best thing i've ever seen

    Well, Sandra recently did a quarantine interview on The Graham Norton Show, and in it she re-created one of her fan-favorite lines from the movie...which is amazing because she remembered it even though she hasn't seen the movie since it came out.

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    AND IT'S PERFECT. First, she sets the scene by channeling Vice Principal Gupta and picking up the phone...

    The Graham Norton Show

    ...then she does Gupta's mhmm-ing/uh-huh-ing, ALL...

    Disney, The Graham Norton Show


    Disney, The Graham Norton Show


    Disney, The Graham Norton Show

    ...then she hangs up the phone...

    Disney, The Graham Norton Show

    ...and finally nails the landing!

    Disney, The Graham Norton Show

    In the interview, she also talks about how she's gone through phases of being typecast in certain careers — detectives, teachers, and doctors — and all I can say is that I hope one day she comes back as the Vice Principal Gupta we all know and love.


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