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    21 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove "The Princess Bride" Is A Masterpiece

    "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    1. When Inigo and Westley were honestly the most polite enemies ever.

    2. When Westley was ill-prepared for ROUSes.

    3. When persuasion went a long way.

    4. When Vizzini said his beautiful, beautiful catchphrase...

    5. ...and Inigo called him out for it.

    6. When Humperdinck rambled on about his long list of errands to run.

    7. When Vizzini said, "No more rhymes now, I mean it."

    8. When Inigo and Westley's friendship was off to a great start.

    9. When we learned one of the most classic blunders known to man.

    10. When Inigo basically had a preamble for his preamble.

    11. When Westley taught us the cold, hard truth about life.

    12. And when Fezzik did the same.

    13. Oh, wait, and when Humperdinck gave us this life advice.

    14. When the word "marriage" no longer had "r"s in it.

    15. When Westley used a few choice words for his well-crafted insult.

    16. When Westley and Fezzik attempted to kill each other like civilized people.

    17. When this command was used against Humperdinck.

    18. When we met the Brute Squad.

    19. When Miracle Max and Valerie wished them well on their journey.

    20. When Westley uttered these three words.

    21. And, finally, when Inigo uttered the lines that need no explanation.