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23 Words Only “Friends” Fans Will Really Understand

Move over, Merriam-Webster — you don't know these words.

1. Apothecary

2. Phalange

What it usually means: The bones that make up your fingers or toes.

What it means to Friends fans: A last name or a very important part of a plane.

3. Unagi

4. Vein

5. Transponster

6. Pivot

7. Thursday

8. Amanda

9. Moist

10. Seven

11. Gleba

What it usually means: A solid mass of spores (ew).

What it means to Friends fans: Emma's first word, which proves she's going to be a scientist.

12. Moo

13. Heckle

14. Oh. My. God.

15. PBS

16. Mac and Cheese

17. Crapweasel

18. Armadillo

19. Banana Hammock

20. Cheesecake

21. Nubbin

22. Lobster

23. Break

Heckles Forever: Mr. Heckles most definitely lived below Monica and Rachel — our bad.

Soggy Bottom: The correct name of the BBC show is The Great British Bake Off. Ready, set, baaaake!