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    28 "Parks And Recreation" Moments That Will Always Pull At Your Heartstrings

    Get ready to cry.

    1. When April and Andy got married:

    2. When Leslie finally got to vote for herself:

    3. And then when she found out she won the city counsel race:

    4. And then when she got to hang her photo on the wall:

    5. When Leslie planned a very meaningful trip for Ron:

    6. When Ben and Leslie broke up for a little while:

    7. But then when they got engaged:

    8. When Andy and April went to the Grand Canyon together:

    9. When Chris gave all of the guys Buddy Boxes, so they made one for all the new memories he's going to make:

    10. When April begrudgingly told Ann she loves her:

    11. When everyone gathered to say goodbye to Ann and Chris:

    12. And then when Leslie and Ann said goodbye to each other:

    13. When Chris gave Ben a really thoughtful wedding gift:

    14. When Leslie and Ben's wedding was ruined by Jam and so all their friends gave them the wedding they deserved:

    15. And then when they both said these iconic lines to each other:

    16. When Andy told April how happy she makes him:

    17. When Andy gave Ron and Diane the push they needed:

    18. When April told Leslie just how much she means to her:

    19. When Leslie told Ben she was pregnant:

    20. When Ben and Leslie were nervous about having triplets and their friends stepped up to help them:

    21. When Ben put Leslie's dreams before his own:

    22. When Ron told Leslie how sad he was to work without everyone else:

    23. And then when she gave Ron one of the best jobs he could have asked for:

    24. When Donna's gift to Jerry was tricking everyone into calling him by his real name...Garry:

    25. When Leslie met Jack and April gave her this look:

    26. When Ben invited everyone back to surprise Leslie in the series finale:

    27. And when she was more excited to see Ann than anyone else:

    28. And finally, this: