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18 Times Paris Geller Proved She’s The Funniest Character On “Gilmore Girls”

She can't help but say what she's thinking.

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3. When she uttered the phrase "come and get it":

The WB

Paris: I went there, he lit a fire, we did it. And in the moments just before the act, we were actually discussing modern-day Marxism in America, which is not what I would've deemed a "come and get it" sort of conversation.

6. When her suggestions for feeling better were not good suggestions at all:

The WB

Paris: Please remember that I am your editor. I am not your mother or your hugger. If you need some love, get a hooker. If you're having a bad day, find a ledge or a way to deal. My door is not open to you. Ever. You have five minutes to enjoy your cookies.

9. When she tried to spice up spring break:

The WB

Paris: We're not trying hard enough. We came here to do spring break, and we are going to do spring break.

Rory: Well, what else do you suggest we do?

14. When she went from rich to poor in one day and became a changed woman:

The WB

Paris: Karl Marx has come alive for me today. I never understood what he was yammering about before. Now it just seems so wrong that those who control capital should make their fortunes off the labor of the working class. I bet you the Romanovs never RSVP'd either.

Rory: I hate her.

Paris: I hate the rich. A hard rain is gonna fall, you know what I'm saying?

Rory: I really hate her!

Paris: They should die.

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