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    22 Times Anthropologie Went Way Too Far

    No, Anthro. Just, no.

    1. A piece of fabric that helps you hide things under your bed: $378.

    2. You know, just a clear plastic organizer: $128.

    3. Trash cans that are slightly fancier than wicker: $248.

    4. A gray pillow to match your gray life: $198.

    5. A piece of wood with metal that you have to build yourself: $188.

    6. A fancy-ish piece of wood for food: $110.

    7. And, literally, just a piece of wood with pegs: $168.

    8. A glorified stuffed animal that you can't even play with: $168.

    9. One single balloon: $68 and your manual labor.

    10. A wool blanket for your child who can't even speak yet: $130.

    11. These I-Don't-Care-But-I-Care black leggings: $138.

    12. A cotton and polyester gray shirt that you're probably going to use as pajamas: $138.

    13. Just regular metal tweezers: $35.

    14. Foot bananas: $345.

    15. A shapeless blend of polyester, wool, cotton, and elastene: $352.

    16. A single knob (again, just one): $38

    17. A half-painted coat rack: $348.

    18. A headband that could've been made by your friend who's trying to get into crafting: $85.

    19. A hair clip that you will definitely step on and break: $26.

    20. This block of cement: $198.

    21. This teeny-tiny white plastic clock: $168.

    22. A toilet brush that will most likely come into contact with literal shit: $98.