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    Netflix Just Announced "Queer Eye" Season 4 And 5, So Get Ready To Cry

    Season 4 premieres on July 19!

    Bless all that is good and gay because Netflix just announced it has officially renewed Queer Eye for two more seasons!


    Season 4, which has already been filmed, is set to premiere July 19. (Yes *this* July 19!)

    The upcoming season will follow Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan as they change the lives of eight new heroes in Kansas City.

    Christopher Smith/Netflix

    Season 5 is set to start filming at the end of June in Philadelphia and premiere sometime in 2020.


    (And in honor of Philadelphia, look who they snuck into their announcement video...)

    Netflix / Via

    Basically, I guess this will be me not-so-patiently waiting for July 19 to hurry up and get here.