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You’ve Probably Never Noticed Matt LeBlanc Breaking Character In This “Friends” Scene

Once you see this, you'll never be able to unsee it.

As Friends fans know, it's not unusual for one of the six main actors to get the giggles every once in a while.

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I mean, you just try not laughing at Phoebe singing along to Ross's bagpipe "music."

But, unless you have eagle eyes, there's a good chance you've probably never noticed Matt LeBlanc breaking character in the Season 4 episode "The One With the Worst Best Man Ever."

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Reddit user aaoun recently stumbled across the scene, and it is so good.

In the clip, after Ross accuses the stripper of stealing his "dead grandmother's wedding ring," Matt LeBlanc can be seen ducking behind David Schwimmer and covering his mouth in what appears to be an attempt to stifle his laughter.


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Of course, maybe this is just a weird character choice. Or maybe he's holding in a sneeze. Or maybe he's holding in puke. Or maybe Matthew Perry farted and he's covering his nose for protection...

Warner Bros. / Via Netflix

...or maybe — and this is the most logical explanation — he truly is breaking character but we're only seeing it now because of the aspect ratio switch from 4:3 to 16:9, which would allow us to see footage that was not previously visible when Friends first aired on TV.

Warner Bros. / Via Netflix

It's happened before, so it can happen again.

But no matter what Matt LeBlanc is actually doing behind Ross, we will never be able to unsee this.

Warner Bros. / Via Netflix

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