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21 Limited Too Items That Will Make You Say, "MY MOM WOULD NEVER LET ME GET THAT"

Honestly, we all need to talk about the Limited Too candy section more often.

1. These ~silky~ pajamas that all of your friends had:

2. This sparkly blue blow-dryer and its matching nail dryer:

3. This doorbell that you made people ring before they entered your room:

4. These shorts that let everyone know what kind of athlete you were:

5. These "lamps" that made your room super chill and fun:

6. This awesome toiletry kit that you filled with so much glittery makeup:

7. Oh, and these links so you were able to personalize your link bracelets:

8. This diary where you kept all your important secrets:

9. One of these truly wonderful bathing suits:

If you didn't know someone who had the red and blue bathing suit, did you really ever live?

10. This spray so you smelled fresh in front of your crush:

11. These pens, which made homework somewhat fun:

12. This bra so that you could pretend you had boobs:

13. This two-in-one shirt that tricked everyone:

14. These bead doors that were both fun and annoying:

15. These markers that upped your drawing game:

16. This model showing off her SweeTarts:

Because as we all know, the candy section was Limited Too's best section.

17. This bag so you could pretend you were on a sports team:

18. These board shorts that you wore everywhere in the summer:

cachuc / Via

19. This bag that let everyone know what letter your name started with:

20. This phone, which you only got if you were really lucky:

yourhomeessentials / Via

21. And finally, the best furniture that you will ever own in your entire life: