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    Li Shang From "Mulan" Is The Best Disney "Prince," So IDK What The Hell Is Going On Right Now

    Let's get down to business and discuss Li Shang.

    So, uh, with all this talk of Li Shang possibly not being in Disney's live-action remake of Mulan...

    saddened to report it’s basically been confirmed that li shang will not be in the live-action mulan. the mulan casting call has been confirmed to be accurate. donnie yen was cast as “commander tung,” who is in the description for “chen honghui.” rest in peace bisexual icon.

    ...I am here today to talk about why Shang is in fact the best "prince" — yes, I know he's a captain — in all of Disney history:

    1. He trusts and respects Mulan as a warrior, not just as a woman.


    At the end of the day, isn't it nice to know that two people in love with each other stand on equal ground in their relationship? All I'm saying is that I don't think any of the other Disney princes could handle being with a woman who's as strong as them.

    2. He actually has skills that are useful, unlike some other princes I know.


    He's as swift as a coursing river!!!

    3. TBH, he's a really good leader...especially when you take into account the dudes he was handed.


    Sure he's all "let's get down to business," but he's also loyal and encouraging. And, please, name one other prince who could turn a rag-tag group like this into something semi-functional.

    4. His back muscles are...really...something.


    But I can't talk more about his muscles right now. I'm at my place of work.

    5. But don't let his tough and sculpted — omg, I'm sorry, I'll stop talking about his muscles — exterior fool you, he is also vulnerable.


    He just wants to prove to his father that he can be a good general!

    6. He is a bisexual icon and always will be no matter what Disney says.

    Twitter: @swag4419

    I know Disney has never come out and been like, "Our dude Shang is bi"...but, come on. He basically fell in love with Mulan pre-finding out she was actually a woman. I mean, no one can deny the stares they shared between each other.

    7. He's pretty forgiving for someone who was lied to for, like, a very long time.


    OK, yes, he did slightly abandon her when he found out she was a woman. BUT, to be fair, if we're assuming Mulan is based on real-life Hua Mulan, then this movie takes place in the Northern Wei dynasty, sometime between the years 386 and 534, which means it was probably against a bajillion laws to have a woman among your ranks. So, all things considered, I'll let it slide.

    8. And finally, he's hilariously bad at flirting, which is endearing coming from someone who's a literal warrior.


    Smooth, Shang. Smooth.

    Do you agree that Shang is the best Disney love interest? Let us know in the comments!

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