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    This “Office” Scene Is So Funny That John Krasinski Can Hardly Keep It Together

    You've got this, Krasinski!

    Fact: The actors on The Office struggled to keep it together during particularly funny scenes.


    The proof is in the bloopers.

    Of course, that makes sense considering just how great the lines are.

    However, on closer inspection of "Women's Appreciation" (Season 3, Episode 21), it appears as if John Krasinski managed to slip a character break into the final cut.

    In the scene, Michael shouts "Let's see your penis!" at Toby, and Jim reacts with a normal I-can't-believe-Michael-just-said-that face.


    But as the scene continues, and as Michael apologizes for being Michael, Jim can be seen stifling silent laughter.

    NBC / Via

    And, all of the sudden, it seems as if Jim is no longer Jim, and he's turned into Krasinski.

    NBC / Via Netflix

    Sure, it could just be one of Jim's classic Jim faces...


    But doesn't it look a little bit more like one of Krasinski's blooper faces?


    It's all in those telling puppy-dog eyes.

    Either way, this face is everything.

    NBC / Via Netflix

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