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    18 Hilarious Jack Geller Moments From "Friends" That Will Always Make You Laugh

    He's the drunk uncle in all of us.

    1. When he was a big ol' G-O-S-S-I-P:

    2. When he really, really wished he had gotten into that one thing that ended up going big:

    3. And when he got into that one thing that didn't end up going big:

    4. When he was amused by the little things:

    5. When his curiosity had literally no shame:

    6. When he showed off his dirty mind:

    7. When he knew he wanted to go out with a bang:

    8. When he lied to make himself look better:

    9. When he was confused but proactive:

    10. When he had a good joke and just couldn't hold it back:

    11. And then when he had another dad joke:

    12. When he was more concerned about his food than his son saying the wrong name at the wedding:

    13. And when he was more concerned with his food than his anniversary party:

    14. When he drank condensed milk out of a can:

    15. When he couldn't wait to show off his magic trick:

    16. When he forgot about his first grandchild:

    17. And when he lost track of his second grandchild:

    18. And finally, when he showed off his hip dance moves: