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For Everyone Who Still Has Nightmares About That “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” Pool Episode

Empty swimming pool? Yeah, no thanks.

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Now, I don't like to publicly reveal my fears in case they're one day used against me, like in that one episode of Criminal Minds where a former psychologist murders people based on what they're afraid of. But I need to talk about this AYAOTD crime against '90s children everywhere.

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Mostly because, I kid you not, I am a 26-year-old woman who is still afraid of the drain in pools. And it's thanks to Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

AND THEN IT HAPPENS. We're not even five minutes into this damn episode and something fucking grabs this boy by his feet AND DROWNS HIM.


Present day where "nerd" Zeke and "cool swim girl" Clorice — yes, Clorice, not Clarice — find the abandoned pool and get their school to get it up and running again.

YTV / Nickelodeon

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

But don't worry, the creepy janitor who was the pool's lifeguard in 1954 let's them know that all this weird stuff is happening BECAUSE THE SCHOOL BUILT THE POOL OVER A FREAKIN' GRAVEYARD AND AN INVISIBLE SPIRIT WANTS REVENGE.