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    18 Magical Harry Potter Gifts That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

    After all this time? Always.

    1. Set of precious pencils

    2. Literary origami heart necklace

    3. Couples pillowcases

    4. Pint glass and/or wineglass set

    5. An adorable Dobby card

    6. A (dirty) "Can I Slytherin?" card

    7. Bouquet of roses made from book pages

    8. "Always" heart necklace

    9. Cards with wands (Set of 8)

    10. "Be My Harry Potter Valentine" heart-shaped box and matching card

    11. Ron and Hermione shirt

    12. Dumbledore-inspired mug

    13. "Always" book fold

    14. "Snape Loves Lily" embroidery

    15. Personalized framed Lego mini-figures

    16. Amortentia bath bomb

    17. Personalized cutting board

    18. Ron and Hermione bracelet