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    It’s Time To Revisit The “HIMYM” Episode Where “Hamilton” Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Rapped On A Bus

    He had a lot to say about Canada.

    This is Tony Award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is the creator and star of the musical Hamilton.

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    You know, the Hamilton that's taken Broadway by storm.

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    Since everyone is pretty much (rightly) obsessed with all things Hamilton right now, it seems fitting to talk about that one time Lin-Manuel was on an episode of How I Met Your Mother.


    And he wasn't just on HIMYM as any regular guest star... he was on as a special rapping guest star named Gus who had a lot to say about Canada.

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    Also he was the one who told Marshall what we had all been thinking for nine seasons: The gang should probably stop telling their sex stories to their kids.

    Thanks for that, Gus "Hamilton" the Bus Passenger.

    You can watch some of his HIMYM rapping here.

    View this video on YouTube

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