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Here Are The "Grey's Anatomy" Moments That Will Forever Annoy Us All

It's just too much ghost sex for one hospital.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which Grey's Anatomy moments annoy them the most, and here are some of the best results:

1. When, you know, Meredith pulled the plug on Derek without even telling his family before she did it.

2. When Izzie had full-blown ghost sex with Denny.

3. When Arizona cheated on Callie and straight-up blamed her for amputating her leg...even though it saved her life.

4. When — yes, we have to talk about it — the musical episode happened.

5. When Cristina didn't win a Harper Avery award because of the hospital's connection to the Averys, BUT then Meredith got the same award years later even though she's in the EXACT SAME situation.

6. The entire Eliza Minnick storyline.

7. When Erica Hahn repeatedly prevented Cristina from being picked for cardio procedures.

8. When Izzie and George became a thing.

9. And then when Meredith and George hooked up...and she cried during sex.

10. When the show brushed right over the immediate aftermath of the plane crash.

11. And then when we didn't get a chance to see the aftermath of Derek's death.

12. When Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire.

13. When we were deprived of seeing Meredith and Derek's wedding and just got a dumb Post-it instead.

14. When Derek died after stopping in the middle of a freakin' winding road.

15. When Owen — not once, but twice — didn't ask either of his wives if they even wanted to have kids...he just assumed they did.

16. Everything that had to do with the custody battle over Sophia.

17. Which means, yes, we have to talk about freakin' Penny and how Callie literally took off with the woman who indirectly killed Derek.

18. And finally, a more recent one, the fact that Maggie and Jackson are apparently a thing, now.

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.