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    A Bunch Of "Great British Bake Off" Contestants All Baked Cakes For A Wedding Reunion And It's So Pure

    Ready, set, WEDDING BELLS!

    As if the Great British Bake Off wasn't pure and heartwarming enough, this past weekend a bunch of the contestants from the fifth season reunited for Martha Collison's wedding!!!

    And, guys, they didn't just attend as guests... THEY ALL BAKED *INDIVIDUAL* CAKES FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM! 😭😭😭

    Just look at these beautiful bakes! No soggy bottoms in sight!

    Richard Burr / Via, Claire Goodwin / Via

    Iain and Nancy were there!

    Chetna Makan / Via

    Chetna was there!

    Chetna Makan / Via

    Claire and Kate were there!

    Chetna Makan / Via

    Diana was there!

    Claire Goodwin / Via

    Richard and Enwezor were there!

    Chetn / Via

    And you better believe Jordan was there!

    Jordan Cox / Via

    "What a day! Having known @marthacollison since she was 17, watching her get married to @mbhaywood27 yesterday was just most lovely and beautiful and even more special since we had the whole bake-off family there to celebrate!," wrote Chetna. "Also an honor to make her cake with all the other bakers, love each and everyone one of them!"

    Cheers to the happy couple and all the yummy cake they got to eat!

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