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    Mar 21, 2017

    23 “Friends” Jokes That Will Make You Say “Ugh, I Really Love The Internet”

    "If a woman tells me she just wants to be friends I say ok but I get to be Rachel."

    1. Well, well, well:

    2. "Friends":

    [NBC boardroom, 1994] "So what's the show about?" Friends "ok, and what's it called? Friends "I love it, when do you start filming?" Friends

    3. Won't let it go:

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't convince him that Ross and Rachel WERE ON A BREAK!!!

    4. that you?:

    5. Get your facts straight:

    6. Those dots:

    ME: of course i have fuh-er-ee-eh-nn-duh-ss DOC: are u refering to the tv show f•r•i•e•n•d•s ME: yeah DOC: u dont hav to pronounce the dots

    7. Hi, Richard:

    8. Dibs:

    if a woman tells me she just wants be friends I say ok but I get to be rachel

    9. I'm fine:

    my life is that episode of Friends where Ross drinks all those margaritas & keeps telling everyone that hes fine when he clearly isn’t fine

    10. *ba-dum-tshh*:

    Tumblr / concrastination

    11. Sry, not sry:

    12. Can't ignore the facts:

    [taking FRIENDS quiz] 7. Which character do you most identify with? Ross 8. Which is your least favorite character? Ross

    13. Normal day:

    Just eating my sandwich directly off this dirty ass public fountain that I filled with plastic ducks

    14. Gal pal Rachel Green:

    15. ♪ And I'm here, to remind you ♪:

    16. I am who I am:

    17. Good question, tbh:

    Whose proposed more, nick from the bachelor or Ross from friends? 😭#TheBachelorFinale

    18. Poor, sweet Matt LeBlanc:

    19. Valid:

    The most unrealistic part of friends isn't the apartment it's when they order only one pizza for three people.

    20. Obviously:

    21. Good work, Pheebs:

    i can't believe phoebe buffay invented calling guys daddy

    22. No friends:

    Someone called me yesterday and said, "Hello, is this Ross" I said " no it's Chandler" And they hung up. So much for trying to be Friends.

    23. And finally, this:

    Whoa just realized F.ross R.achel I.oey E.obe N.onica D.andler S.ome friends

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