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    This “Friends” Blooper Is Most Definitely The Funniest One Of All Time


    Friends bloopers are always funny.

    But the all-time funniest might just have to be from "The One With Joey's New Brain" where Ross shows off his awful bagpipe skills. And thanks to the Facebook post from Alex from Target, aka Alex Lee, we're all reminded of its greatness.

    Facebook: video.php

    The actors *try* to get through the scene without laughing, but it's just TOO DAMN FUNNY.

    The first to break is Jennifer Aniston:

    Then Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry get the giggles:

    Then Aniston and Lisa Kudrow REALLY start to lose it:

    Then David Schwimmer has to stop playing the bagpipes because he's just laughing way too hard:

    And then Perry makes this beautiful, beautiful face when he's trying to imitate Kudrow:

    Isn't it nice to know that the bagpipe scene made the actors laugh as much as their fans?