17 Times Wednesday Addams Truly Understood Your Ice-Cold Heart

    I. Hate. Everything.

    1. When she tried to explain just how much she doesn't care.

    2. When she attempted to be a relatable human.

    3. When she truly understood homicidal maniacs.

    4. Like really, really understood them.

    5. When she knew what a fair trade looks like.

    6. When she explained her level of affection.

    7. As well as what adjectives should never be used to describe her.

    8. When she warned her enemies.

    9. When she asked an important question about Girl Scout cookies.

    10. When she embraced blood and gore.

    11. When she explained her outfit choices.

    12. When she talked about love.

    13. When she threw major shade.

    14. When she skipped the niceties.

    15. When she said this...and absolutely no one doubted her conviction.

    16. When she was underestimated.

    17. And finally, when she said the truest thing that's ever been said.